Donations through Digital Mediums is meant to encourage and ease common citizens to donate and contribute to Social Causes for upliftment of society. Doner List will
be uploaded every Month along with contributions Higher than Rs. 100. The usage of donations will be also made public in this same page as and when donations are used.
Donations will be used for following mentioned Projects running in Faridkot District.

Our Target: To increase shed in gausala .2/4 more sheds are required to accomodate more cows in gausala. Further plantation of Trees along with their mainitance is required to provide some relief to Cows in Such Hot Wheather . Pls come forward and donate for such noble cause.


Our Target: For healthy and good quantity food for poors in just 10 Rs. We require donations to maintain quality and quantity of food served . In 10 Rs Thali Pieckle, Sabji, Dal 4 Chapatis and rice is served . Pls come forward and donate for such noble cause.

Our Target: To maintian and enhance the facilities in Baba Farid Sabhayacharak Kendra donations are required . This donation will be used in Library, auditorium hall and park which will not only increase of our city but also help poor to have good support from library for books & education